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Presentation                              Do you need to create a dynamic presentation?
Looking for a presentation tool for your students to use? Look no further you will find what you need here. 

Need a way to share all your links with your students? Try one of these curation tools. My favorite curation tool is Sqworl.

Back Channel Discussion                                                                                                                                         

BackChannel Chats provides safe secure real time discussion between you and your students.  
Assessment Strategies
Wether you are looking for a formative or sumative assesment you will be covered with these sites.
Cloud Storage

What happens if your computer crashes?  Save your files safely with cloud storage.  (for more information on cloud storage see the PD section) 
Video Strategies

Of course our computers are equiped with iMovie and Quicktime, but if you want more video options here you go. 
 Blogs to Follow