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    • Granted, the IWB does come with several cool colors of “digital” ink, but using the board only as a writing surface (with all those cool colors) certainly qualifies as a direct substitution of a chalkboard or a whiteboard.  Don’t fret if this is where you are – it’s perfectly okay!  We all have to start somewhere.  Honestly, it's unlikely that very few IWB users have started any higher.  The key is to know you’re at this level, see the importance of making a transition, and be willing to go for it.



    • IWB software gives you the ability to create a new page once you have filled the existing page.  What do you do when you need more space on your chalkboard?  Erase something else, right?  On an IWB, just add a blank page and get back to work – no erasing needed.  The advantages our numerous:  adding a page is faster than erasing the board; you can pull up previous pages and review that work with students; save this work from year to year for a refresher before teaching the lesson; print these pages and send them home to absent students. 

    • One of the examples above touched on the idea of saving.  At the end of the class, save your work.  Pull it up tomorrow with those same students and you have a quick review – no need to rewrite anything. 

    • Do you teach the same lesson to three different classes?  Ever forget where each class was in the lesson?  Keep a different “notebook” (or file) for each class and that problem is solved.


    • This is the digital age – instead of printing your IWB screens, you could email them… or even put them on your Moodle site.  In a matter of a few minutes a day (for real!), you could post daily notes to your Moodle, giving your students one more resource.  We understand – not all students can afford the Internet right now in this economy.  Even if one of your students use this as a resource though – isn’t that still important? 

    • What about using the gallery of images and interactive tools that come with your software?  There are resources hiding in that gallery that can transform many lessons.  Not sure how to find the gallery?  Let us know!


    • Each brand of IWB comes with a screen recording tool.  Once you hit the record button, the recorder simply records everything you do on your computer screen.  For example:  let’s say you’re trying to teach 3rd graders to write cursive.  Fire up your IWB, hit the record button, and model this for your students.  When you’re finished, hit stop.  After stopping the recording, you’ll be asked about saving the recording to your computer.  Here’s where the magic begins:  open that recorded video, set your player to loop, and play it back full screen.  Now your students can watch your demonstration repeatedly when they get stuck as you walk around assisting your students individually.  This is incredibly powerful. What about doing this when teaching long division?  Or how to work through an equation in algebra or beyond?  (By the way – you don’t need an IWB for this.  It will work just as well if you have a wireless slate.) 
    • Finally, what do you do with that file when you’re done playing it in your classroom?  Put it on your Moodle site and make it available to your students 24/7.  This would be huge for parents when they’re trying to help their student with an involved math problem.

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