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    Presentation                              Do you need to create a dynamic presentation?
    Looking for a presentation tool for your students to use? Look no further you will find what you need here. 

    Need a way to share all your links with your students? Try one of these curation tools. My favorite curation tool is Sqworl.

    Back Channel Discussion                                                                                                                                         

    BackChannel Chats provides safe secure real time discussion between you and your students.  
    Assessment Strategies
    Wether you are looking for a formative or sumative assesment you will be covered with these sites.
    Cloud Storage

    What happens if your computer crashes?  Save your files safely with cloud storage.  (for more information on cloud storage see the PD section) 
    Video Strategies

    Of course our computers are equiped with iMovie and Quicktime, but if you want more video options here you go. 
     Blogs to Follow  

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    Technology Resources

    Welcome to MSD of Wabash County's Technology Resource Page.  Finding the right resource can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Well guess what, the work has been done for you, let this be your one stop for all your technology needs. Please keep in mind, this site is still under construction.  Please stop by frequently to see updates.  If you have a resource or a site that you would like to share with your colleagues please fill out this quick form. 


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    2014 Teacher Creativity Fellowship Program

    Once again – for the 27th year – the Endowment is pleased to announce that the Teacher Creativity Fellowship Program will honor and recognize Indiana teachers, principals, assistant principals, guidance counselors and librarians/media specialists. 

    The Endowment will offer up to 100 fellowships at $10,000 each for these educators to embark on summertime periods of personal renewal.  More than 2,500 Indiana educators have participated in this competitive program and returned with tales of adventure, personal discovery, new scholarship and a renewed sense of purpose.  For a full program description, go to or   

    We would appreciate it very much if you could find room in your publication(s) or on your website to place one of these newsletter articles or the ad.  If you are unable to use the ad, please feel free to use the information in your newsletter.

    Click here for the b/w newsletter article

    Click here for the color newsletter article

    Click here for the color ad

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    Professional Development List

    Dr. Robbie Champion reminds us to consider this list of learning options:

    Action research
    Analyzing student work together
    Awareness level seminars
    Cadre of in-house trainers
    Collaborative planning of instruction
    Collaborative teaching experiments
    Consultative/coaching from outside expert
    Curriculum development projects
    Demonstration lessons
    Developmental work assignments
    Developmental level workshop series
    Field trips
    Giving presentation at conferences
    Informal conversations
    Internet research
    Job exchanges
    Leading school-wide committees
    Materials display
    National conferences
    National Board Certification
    Networks (face to face or electronic)
    Observations/feedback by principal
    Peer coaching partners
    Self-assessment instruments
    Self-instruction modules
    Shadowing experiences
    Study groups
    Supervising students teachers
    Teacher reflection logs
    Tuning protocols
    Training other teachers
    University courses
    Viewing videos
    Video/audio recording
    Visits to model programs or schools
    Writing for publication

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    Professional Development

    What is professional development?

    Sometimes people think that professional development is only what happens during an early release day. Some think it means attending a conference or bringing in a expert speaker. In reality, these are only a few of the many professional development options for educators. Perhaps the most effective professional development involves teachers sitting down together to analyze data about student learning and to cooperatively determine what they can do to improve. Think about the number of years experience represented by you and your colleagues. That's a lot of expertise that needs to be tapped!

    For an extensive list of professional development activities given to us by Dr. Robbie Champion, click here.

    Who makes the professional development plans for our district?

    Plans for professional development are the responsibility of each school, but all schools must work cooperatively to determine district needs and to effectively utilize district resources. The first step of planning for professional development is when the School Improvement team analyzes student data. After looking at strengths and needs, school goals are determined. Then the staff must ask themselves what skills or learning they need in order to accomplish these goals. Once each team has completed this process for their school, all of the teams in the district gather to discuss common needs. A district plan is formed; each school uses this structure to complete their individual professional development plan for the year.

     Who sets the days for early release professional development?

    The superintendents of Wabash City, MSD of Wabash County, Peru Community Schools, and Manchester Community Schools jointly set the dates for four of the early release days. The MSD of Wabash County calendar committee sets the remaining two dates.

    What is the procedure for attending a conference?

    The first priority is to secure the support of your principal. Then complete Form 3243F1. This conference request form can be found on the MSD of Wabash County web site, by going to Board, Board Policy, Forms, Professional Staff.

    If it is a one day conference, this form goes ONLY to your principal.

    If the conference requires you to be away from school for more than one day, this form must be signed by your principal, then submitted to Dr. Weaver for board approval. Reminder, the board meets twice a month, on the 2 nd and 4 th Tuesdays.

    With your principal, determine the funding source (school professional development account or a district grant). Follow the registration procedures provided by your conference. If you register on line with a credit card or if you send a personal check, be sure to keep your receipt. You must have the receipt in order to be reimbursed.

    What is Region 8 ESC?

    Indiana is divided into several geographical areas, each represented by an Education Service Center. MSD of Wabash County is located in the Region 8 ESC. Two of the benefits of our membership in the ESC are cooperative purchasing and professional development opportunities. To see a complete schedule of Region 8 workshops, click here.

    How do I register for a workshop at Region 8?

    Registration can be done on line. You will need a log in and password. We strongly encourage teachers to use the same log in and password that they use for the MSDWC network, so it is easy to remember. (If you use something different, please write it down where you can easily find it.) During the registration process you will be asked about payment. Choose the “Invoice the school district option”

    Be sure that either your principal (if paying through your school PD account) or Lavonne Sparling (if paying through a district grant) contacts Debbie Henderson so she can debit the correct account when paying Region 8 for your conference.

    How is professional development funded in our school district?

    MSD of Wabash County has several sources of funding to support professional development.

    Each school recieves PL 221 Professional Development grants to carry out their local professional development plan. (This is a component of their School Improvement Plan)

    The district receives an Indiana High Ability (H/A) grant (previously "gifted/talented grant"), a small portion of which is budgeted for professional development that supports high ability students.

    The district receives grants under No Child Left Behind, Title II Part A High Quality Teachers.

    MSD of Wabash County supports professional development through district personnel: Technology Directors, Technology Assistants, Reading Coach

    What are Bulletin 400, Rules 46-47, Rules 2002?

    These are the Indiana legal guidelines for receiving and renewing your teacher’s license. The category you belong in depends on when you received your license. If you are unsure, look in the lower right-hand corner of your license. Under Rules 2002, there is a two year internship required before applying for a proficient practitioner's license.

    How do I find out the expectations for renewing my teaching license?

    Specific details for license renewal can be found on the Indiana Department of Education web site: Division of Professional Standards. Note: The renewal process was changed during the 2009-2010 school year.

    What are CRUs and how do I earn them?

    Continuing Renewal Units (CRUs) are credits that may be earned and applied toward license renewal only after earning a Master’s Degree or after completion of 36 semester hours beyond the Bachelor’s Degree of approved academic credit. School Improvement team members may earn CRUs through their work on their School Improvement Plan.

    CRUs may be earned at some conferences and are almost always available upon request through events sponsored by Region 8 ESC. Also, MSD of Wabash County can give CRUs for activities that we sponsor locally. One CRU is awarded for every two hours of participation; CRUs are awarded in whole units only. 15 CRUs equal one credit hour

    For more information about CRUs, go to the Department of Education website.

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