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Remember, at this level, technology acts as a direct tool substitute, but provides functional improvement.

  • IWB software gives you the ability to create a new page once you have filled the existing page.  What do you do when you need more space on your chalkboard?  Erase something else, right?  On an IWB, just add a blank page and get back to work – no erasing needed.  The advantages our numerous:  adding a page is faster than erasing the board; you can pull up previous pages and review that work with students; save this work from year to year for a refresher before teaching the lesson; print these pages and send them home to absent students. 
  • One of the examples above touched on the idea of saving.  At the end of the class, save your work.  Pull it up tomorrow with those same students and you have a quick review – no need to rewrite anything. 
  • Do you teach the same lesson to three different classes?  Ever forget where each class was in the lesson?  Keep a different “notebook” (or file) for each class and that problem is solved.

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