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    Kindergarten Supplement Board

    Mathematics: NUMBER SENSE   - English Language Arts: READING  
    Counts by ones View   Names uppercase letters View
    Counts by tens View   Names lowercase letters View
    Writes numbers View   Produces correct sound(s) for each letter View
    Counts up to 20 objects with one-to-one correspondence View   Blends sounds to make words View
    Compares objects to determine greather than, less than, or equal to View   Reads high-frequency words View
      Reads grade level text accurately View
    Adds using counters & pictures View   Reads at an appropriate pace View
    Subtracts using counters & pictures View   Reads grade level text with comprehension View
    Solves real-world story problems View   Asks and answers questions about texts View
    Decomposes numbers in multiple ways (5=4+1 and 5=2+3) View   Identifies characters and settings from text(s) View
    Mathematics: GEOMETRY   Retells the story with key details from the text(s) View
    Describes positions of objects (inside, in front of, beside, above, below, up, down, etc) View   Makes connections between people, places, ideas, and information in text(s) View
    Names 2D shapes (square, circle, triangle, rectangle, oval, hexago) View   English Language Arts: WRITING  
    Names 3D shapes (cube, cone, cylinder, sphere) View   Prints uppercase and lowercase letters View
    Compares shapes by different attributes View   Uses a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to compose written pieces View
    Mathematics:  PROCESS STANDARDS
    Demonstrates and explains understanding of mathematical thinking View      


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