Grade 2 Supplement Board

Mathematics: COMPUTATION & ALGEBRAIC THINKING View  - English Language Arts: READING  
Adds fluently to 20     Uses common words to read unfamiliar words View
Adds to 1000 without regrouping     Uses context clues (word & sentence clues) to determine unknown word View
Adds to 1000 with regrouping     Identifies relationships between words (synonyms, antonyms, multi-meaning words, etc) View
Subtracts fluently to 20   Reads grade level text accurately View
Solves real-world problems using addition and subtraction within 100     Reads grade level text fluently View
Mathematics: NUMBER SENSE  
  Reads grade level text with comprehension View
Reads and writes numbers to 1000 View   Asks and answers questions about the main idea and key details of text(s) View
Locates and compares numbers up to 1000 on a number line View   Identifies the main idea of a text View
Understands 100s, 10s, and ones to 1000 View   Retells the beginning, middle, and end of stories. View
Identifies numbers as odd or even View   English Language Arts: WRITING  
Mathematics: MEASUREMENT   Forms letters correctly View
Estimates and measures the lengths using appropriate tools View   Spaces words and sentences properly View
Tells and writes time to the nearest five minutes using AM and PM View   Uses end marks accurately View
Measures time intervals to the hour and half-hour in word problems View   Capitalizes words correctly View
Finds the values of a collection of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars View   Uses spelling patterns when writing View
Mathematics:  GEOMETRY
  Writes in complete sentences  View
Identifies, describes, and classifies two- and three-dimensional shapes View   Writes to express an opinion  View 
Draws two-dimensional shapes View   Writes to inform others about a topic View
Divides circles and rectangles into two, three, and four equal parts View   Writes narratives with a beginning, middle, and end View
Names equal parts as halves, thirds, and fourths View      
Mathematics:  DATA ANALYSIS        
Creates graphs and solves related problems View      
Mathematics:  PROCESS STANDARDS        
Explains mathematical thinking in verbal and written form View