Grade 1 Supplement Board

Mathematics: NUMBER SENSE   - English Language Arts: READING  
Counts to 120 by 1s View   Utilizes grade appropriate phonics skills and strategies View
Counts to 120 by 5s View   Reads frequency words accurately View
Counts to 120 by 10s View   Reads grade level text accurately View
Reads and writes numerals to 120 View   Reads grade level text fluently View
Identifies the number of tens and ones in a number View   Reads grade level text with comprehension View
  Asks and answers questions about main idea and & details in text(s) View
Adds fluently within 20 View   Retells with key details from texts View
Subtracts fluenty within 20 View   Uses context clues to solve unknown words View
Solves real-world story problems using addition & subtraction strategies within 20 View   English Language Arts: WRITING  
Adds two-digit numbers within 100 View   Writes legibly (letter formation, spacing) View 
Mathematics: GEOMETRY   Writes in complete sentences (capital letter, complete thought, punctuation) View
Divides and describes circles and rectangles into halves and fourths View   Develops and writes personal narratives with details View
Mathematics:  MEASUREMENT
  Develops and writes informational text View
Tells and writes time to the half-hour View   Develops, writes, and provides support to persuade others View 
Finds the value of a collection of pennies, nickels, and dimes View   Writes unknown words phonetically View
Mathematics:  DATA ANALYSIS     Writes frequency words accurately   
Creates and reads information from a graph View      
Mathematics:  PROCESS STANDARDS        
Demonstrates and explains understanding of mathematical thinking View