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MSD Wabash County and 1:1

Thank you for visiting our digital learning site.  We will be using this site to share information related to our 1:1 efforts.  

We're excited about what this means for our students.  We feel very fortunate to be able to offer these great opportunities to every student in our district.

• Each student has their own mobile device!. We call this 1:1. Many of our students come to us already fluent in the digital world. It is our responsibility to increase their learning in this area.

• 1:1 will increase student engagement and therefore their learning.

Digital Learning

 Thank you for visiting our 1:1 site.  Please review the links below for more information about our efforts.

Classroom Innovation Grant

Visit our Classroom Innovation Grant page here.


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Technology Staff

Aaron Hyden-Director of Information Technology
Brian Miller-Director of Technology Integration
Tom Hayes-Network Administrator
Jodi Kaehr-Network Assistant
Tami Overman-Network Assistant
Kari Johnson-eLearning Coach
Barb Bever-Technology Asst
Lisa Bever-Technology Asst/Asst eLearning Coach
Amy Schmidt-Technology Asst/Asst eLearning Coach