Q.) If I purchase software in addition to the available software provided through MSDWC, will the technology staff load it for me?
A.) Generally, no. However, if the software directly relates to a course taken by a student and proves to be educational, it may be loaded on a student’s machine. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.  

Q.) Can I use the school-issued laptop and software throughout my career at MSDWC?  
A.) Yes. While the rapid pace of computer technology guarantees that more advanced units will be available before you graduate, your unit will be powerful enough for your classroom work throughout your career at MSDWC. The available software will be usable in upper level as well as entry-level course work. Of course, just as upper level courses require different textbooks, you may need additional software as you move through the curriculum.  

Q.) What if I already have another model or brand of laptop computer?
A.) You will be required to use the school district issued laptop for school purposes. This is necessary to ensure that you have a computer that gives you network capability and the ability to run the software that you will need.  

Q.) Can I have my laptop computer this summer?  
A.) No. All laptops will be collected at the end of the school year for general maintenance, cleaning, and software installation purposes. Students will receive their laptops again in the Fall.  

Q.) What about protection against theft or breakage through carelessness?
A.) Your laptop is very portable and very valuable, making it an attractive target for thieves. Therefore, the MSDWC laptop protection is recommended. The protection covers the laptop for a $25.00 payment. You will be responsible for paying an additional charge of $100.00 for each theft or loss claim.  A police report must be filed before we consider any claims on theft. The best protection is to take care of your laptop. Do not leave your laptop in the building, classroom, hallways, or car unattended. Take your laptop home each night or turn it into the Technology Center for safe keeping.

Q.) Does MSDWC provide maintenance on my laptop?  
A.) Yes. The technology staff will coordinate maintenance for students. Students enrolled at MSDWC will be covered by a maintenance agreement for items described in the warranty agreement and Accidental Protection Plan. Please consult the warranty agreement so that you understand what is and what is not covered.  


Q.) What will I do without a computer in my classes if my laptop unit is being repaired or replaced it if it is lost or stolen?  
A.) MSDWC stocks a limited number of laptops that can be loaned out on a first come, first-served basis. You will be able to apply for a loaner unit through the technology staff.  If you are in possession of a loaner, treat it as if it were your own laptop. You will be responsible for any damage to the unit or for its loss.  

Q.) Do I need a printer?  
A.) No.  Printers are located near classrooms.

Q.)  Can I add a printer at home?
Most printers will work with your MacBook.  We cannot provide assistance in connecting your MacBook to your personal printer.

Q.) How do I connect to the Internet at home?  
A.) You may connect to the Internet using a wireless Ethernet connection. Dial-up Internet connections will work not work on MSDWC laptops. 

Q.) Will there be facilities to backup the files I create on my laptop? 
A.) Yes. When you save your documents to the user folder, your files are automatically saved to the district storage server. You are also encouraged to backup your documents on a USB storage device.  

Q.) What if I want to add options to my laptop later?
A.) Only MSDWC is authorized to add options and upgrades to your laptop. Students can submit requests to the technology staff for considerations of software. The technology committee will review all requests and make recommendations for future upgrades.  

Q.) Can I buy my own cover or skin for my MacBook?
A.) Yes, as long as they do not attach permanently to the laptop and can be removed without causing damage to the laptop. Keyboard covers are permissible as well.

Q.) What if I want to run another operating system on my laptop?  
A.) Only the operating system chosen by Metropolitan School District of Wabash County will be authorized to run on a student-issued laptop.   

Q.) What has the district done to help prevent students from going to inappropriate sites?  
A.) We have a software product called Lightspeed which is designed to help monitor all Internet sites that students attempt to access both at school and out of school. This software blocks inappropriate sites and also logs a history of every site that each user opens. All students who attempt to find inappropriate sites will be directed to the Principal’s Office.  Principals will notify parents of such events.  

Q.)  Can parents set additional filters?
A.)  This is not available.

Q.)  Will registration be as expensive next year?
A.)  Several factors play into registration fees.  The cost for computer rental/insurance will remain the same for 2013-2014.

Q.) Are student laptops subject to school “snooping”; what if they bring their laptop in for repairs and “objectionable data” is detected?
A.) Inappropriate material on laptops should be reported to the classroom teacher, principal, or technology staff immediately upon identification. Students who have “objectionable data” on their laptop but have failed or chosen not to report it, will be referred to the Principal’s Office.  

Q.) If the accessories to my laptop are lost or stolen, how much will it cost to replace them?
A.) In the event that laptop accessories are stolen, you should report the lost items to the technology staff or Principals’ office. The cost to replace specific accessories is listed below. The student will be responsible for all costs if accessories are lost or stolen. All defective accessories will be allowed to be replaced as administrators deem appropriate.  

Q.) What is habitual damage? 
A.) Habitual damage is defined as more than two incidents in one year and is at the discretion of the administration. Much of the laptop damage that occurs is the result of student carelessness. Laptop and accessory damages resulting from carelessness will be assessed the fees listed below. Examples of student carelessness would be LCD screens broken as the result of shutting the lid with objects still on the keyboard and the continual loss of keys from the keyboard. In the cases of “student carelessness” the following fees/charges will be assessed:

  • Broken keyboard or missing keys: $20
  • Power cord/adapter:  $40
  • Accidental damage, defined as liquid spills, power surges, drops, falls, collisions, theft, vandalism, flood, fire, smoke, etc:  $50
  • Negligence or abuse will result in maximum fine of $100 plus loss of MacBook privileges.


Q.) What is intentional damage?
A.) Intentional damage is defined as damage incurred by throwing the laptop/iPad, using excessive force on the laptop/iPad, losing one’s temper and hitting the laptop/iPad, and other similar actions that intentionally damage the device.  Intentional damage is not covered by either the laptop’s warranty or accidental damage insurance.


Q.) Will I have to pay for a new charger if it quits working?
A.)  Our Apple Care plan will cover defective units.  The care plan will not cover physical damage.  (i.e. cord damage, etc)

Q.)  Was grant money used to purchase the MacBooks and iPads?  If not, why?
A.)  Grant money was not used to purchase this equipment.  MSDWC has pursued and obtained grants in the past.  While these funds are significant, they would come nowhere near the funds needed to purchase devices for our 1:1 efforts.

Q.)  Are parents notified if their child misuses the equipment?
A.)  Yes, principals will contact parents of children who misuse the equipment.

Q.)  My student attends Heartland Career Center.  Will there be a secure storage area for his MacBook?
A.)  Each class has lockers and should have locks that are issued.  Please contact Heartland for more information.

Q.)  Do you offer typing assistance for students?  
A.)  Opprotunities to practice typing are offered on a regular basis in the elementary and Jr High grades. 

Q.)  My child is not a good typist.  Will she be left behind in class?
A.)  Not at all.  Teachers will provide the necessary time for the completion of classwork.

Q.)  Can the laptop bags be used to carry books and other items?
A.)  The bags should be used for carrying the laptop and charger only.  

Q.)  Can students bring the iPads home so parents can see evidence of learning?
A.)  Students in grades K-2 will not bring their iPads home.  Please contact your child's teacher for a plan to see examples of learning with the iPad.

Q.)  What are your expectations on Internet usage at home?
A.)  MSDWC has no formal policy and/or procedure for using the Internet at home in conjunction with homework.  Please contact your student's teachers for their individual expectations.  Teachers will not require the use of Internet at home after school hours.

Q.)  What is the plan if a student forgets his laptop?
A.)  Students will be permitted to call home for a forgotten laptop.  Should this become a habit, the student will be asked to use other tools.  (i.e. books, paper, pencil.)  In the case of a parent not being available, an older "loaner" laptop may be available - based on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Q.)  Will my student receive the same laptop next year? 
A.)  As much as possible, students will receive the same computer for four years.  We will collect the computers in May and redistribute them in August.

Q.)  Can I mark my students' chargers to help identify them?
A.)  Having multiple children with MacBooks can make identification of devices difficult.  We encourage tying a ribbon (or similar object) onto the charger to help differentiate.

Q.)  Can homework assignments be pushed to parents' home computers?
A.)  We do not have the ability to push documents to parents' home computers.

Q.)  Is it true that students will have email accounts?
A.)  Students will receive an email address through our district.  We do have this system set to only allow email exchanges between students and teachers.  Students will not be able to send or receive to addresses outside of our district.

Q.)  What will you do for students who have greater computer skills?
A.)  Students who may be familiar with programming need to contact their principal and/or guidance office so we may explore supplemental tools.  We can offer xCode to our students, however we do not offer any support on the app.  We suggest searching for xCode classes on iTunes U - also accessible through the MacBook.

Q.)  What about downloading and installing apps?
A.)  Downloading apps directly from the Internet will require an admin password during installation.  Students do not have this password.

Q.)  Why are you not blocking FaceBook and iTunes?
A.)  FaceBook is blocked during school hours.  Our MSDWC schools use FaceBook as a means of communication with parents.  We understand the MacBook is the only computer many families have.  We are not blocking FaceBook so families can receive this information.  iTunes is used by some teachers to distribute recorded lessons.

Q.)  Will you offer a recording of the Boot Camp training?
A.)  It is our goal to provide a recorded version of Boot Camp so parents can learn these skills as well.  Please check back for more information at a later time. 

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