Saving Files

Students have multiple options for saving their documents. Only files stored in the user folder will be automatically backed up and saved.  Student work saved to a different location on the laptop will not be saved to the school server.  Students will be responsible for backing up any work not saved to the MSDWC network.  (i.e. any work saved to their laptop or flash drive.)

We are providing a
PDF document that outlines benefits and methods for saving documents across the multiple options.

Digital Learning

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Technology Staff

Aaron Hyden-Director of Information Technology
Brian Miller-Director of Technology Integration
Tom Hayes-Network Administrator
Jodi Kaehr-Network Assistant
Tami Overman-Network Assistant
Kari Johnson-eLearning Coach
Barb Bever-Technology Asst
Lisa Bever-Technology Asst/Asst eLearning Coach
Amy Schmidt-Technology Asst/Asst eLearning Coach