Why we chose Apple


A common and understandable question is why we chose Apple over a traditional Windows-based PC for our 1:1 program.  We want you to know months of research, trials and interviews went into this decision.  The bottom line:  we found Apple to be the best fit for our learning goals.

  • Apple products best fit MSDWC's educational goals and vision.
  • Apple has demonstrated years of quality and reliability with their hardware that could not be matched by a PC vendor. 
  • Apple products provide for an efficient workflow in an educational setting.
  • Apple products provide a rich set of features for the classroom.
  • Apple provides in-depth support for a rollout of this signifance.
  • Apple offers a rich professional development program for MSDWC teachers.

Digital Learning

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Technology Staff

Aaron Hyden-Director of Information Technology
Brian Miller-Director of Technology Integration
Tom Hayes-Network Administrator
Jodi Kaehr-Network Assistant
Tami Overman-Network Assistant
Kari Johnson-eLearning Coach
Barb Bever-Technology Asst
Lisa Bever-Technology Asst/Asst eLearning Coach
Amy Schmidt-Technology Asst/Asst eLearning Coach