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Little Norse Preschool - Wabash, Indiana

MSD of Wabash County offers preschool programming that is the best in the area! Housed at Metro North Elementary School, Little Norse is a high-quality preschool that offers the best in early childhood education. Enrollment is open to children age 4 by August 1st of the school year. Enrollment usually opens in January for the following school year. Be sure to check back in January for 2021-2022 enrollment information.

Little Norse attend Monday through Friday for either a full or half-day. Tuition for either full or half-day attendance is only $75/week or $17/day, making the Little Norse one of the most cost-effective early childhood programs in the area!

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Our Littles create, connect, pretend, explore, sing, dance, and build, all while learning about their world in a developmentally-appropriate way that best prepares them for kindergarten and beyond. Our Littles staff collaborates closely with kindergarten to align curriculum and to ensure the strongest foundations are built. As a Little Norse, your child will build relationships with their future teachers and be prepared for a successful transition into kindergarten.


Paths-To-Quality Level 3
Paths to Quality is a statewide rating system designed to help parents make informed decisions on early childhood programming.

100% Licensed Teachers
Little Norse are taught by Licensed Teachers. Our teachers believe in continual growth. Just as our students never stop learning, neither do our teachers.

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Community of Learners

With hundreds of students in both elementaries, our Littles participate and collaborate in a rich learning environment.

Built-In Specials

Our Littles participate weekly in Art, Music, and PE. These specials provide an opportunity for exercise and self-expression.

Quality Teaching Assistants

All of our teaching assistants are highly qualified, a state-recognized qualification.
Study Trips
Little Norse enjoy study trips to learn more about the greater community.
Busing is provided for full-day students. Per state law, all of our Littles are buckled into their seats using 5-point harnesses.
Nurses on Staff
With trained nurses on staff, basic health care is always available.

Building Foundations
Our Early Childhood program is designed to ease students into a regular schedule. This is perfect for those children that aren't quite ready for kindergarten.
On My Way PreK & CCDF
Tuition grants are available for qualifying families through On My Way PreK and the Child Care Development Fund.