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Play is the work of childhood.
- Jean Piaget

Little Norse & Little Knights Preschool

MSD of Wabash County offers full and half-day preschool programming that is the best in the area:
  • Paths-to-Quality Level 3 certified
  • Resides in a public school setting
  • Fully-licensed, highly-qualified staff 
  • Provides a rich learning environment and a variety of experiences 
  • Designed with the whole child in mind
Our Littles create, connect, pretend, explore, sing, dance, and build, all while learning about their world in a developmentally-appropriate way that best prepares them for Kindergarten and beyond. Our Littles staff collaborates closely with Kindergarten to align curriculum and to ensure the strongest foundations are built.  As a Little, your child will build relationships with their future teachers and prepare them for a successful transition into Kindergarten.

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100% Licensed Teachers
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Community of Learners
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Built-In Specials
Our Early Childhood Program is taught by Licensed Teachers. Our teachers believe in continual growth.  Just as our students never stop learning, neither do our teachers.   Our Little Norse and Little Knights are part of a larger learning community.  With hundreds of students in both elementaries, our Littles participate and collaborate in a rich learning environment.   Our Littles participate weekly in Art, Music, and PE.  These specials provide an opportunity for exercise and self-expression.  



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High-Quality Teaching Assistants


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Study Trips

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Trained Nurses on Staff
All of our teaching assistants are highly qualified, a state-recognized qualification.   Our Littles enjoy study trips to learn more about the greater community.   With trained nurses on staff, basic health care is always available.


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Building Foundations
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Paths to Quality
Our Early Childhood program is designed to ease students into a regular schedule.  This is perfect for those children that aren't quite ready for Kindergarten.   Busing is provided for full-day students.  Per state law, all of our Littles are buckled into their seats using 5-point harnesses.   Paths to Quality is a statewide rating system designed to help parents make informed decisions on early childhood programming.


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