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I retired from teaching because I was tired of the long days and often busy weekends. I found out that I missed working with students and being in the educational environment. I returned to teaching when I felt I could still make a difference in student's lives and was lucky to be invited to teach part-time. I've always enjoyed teaching students to sing and sharing wonderful experiences with them as we performed in many different places for many special occasions. Not every student came into music class or choir because they 'wanted' to, but most finished the year feeling better about their musical skills or just feeling like they had been a part of something special. Music is a place where everyone can 'belong' and express themselves through song.

I remember the early years of teaching, when I thought some students were 'tone deaf' and couldn't sing. One boy 'proved to me' that I could teach him to sing, if he wanted to learn badly enough.... and he did! He was very good in sports, but struggled to match pitch with the other guys. We worked hard before and after school, trying the usual ways and experimented with new ways that often didn't help. But one day, he suddenly could hear that he was matching some pitches; after that, there was no stopping him from 'catching up' and singing out with confidence in choir and/or smaller groups, concerts or contests. He could sing correctly and sang well with all of his buddies. It's a wonderful feeling to have had many students like him, find success in my class. 

When I first retired, a former student messaged me to tell me that he was grateful for one of the lessons I taught in general music that inspired him to become a music conductor. He now conducts "Orchestra Kentucky', which he founded 20 years ago. The Bowling Green community built a performing arts center for his professional group to be featured and it hosts series of concerts similar to Honeywell Center. He has made many friends, including popular musicians, such as Neil Sedaka and Peter Tork. I had no idea that teaching conducting patterns might inspire a student to that kind of greatness. It's very humbling and gratifying to know how important we are to others' successes, happiness, and helping them find their way in life.